September 29, 1983: the SUN carried an article "KP moves closer to Amateur Radio Newsletter Station.", written by Jeannine Mjoseth. The first paragraph reads,

           "What recourse would Kings Point have if a hurricane or tornado blew down telephone lines?

            If the new Disaster System gains the necessary finance, Kings Pointers could turn to a

            corps of radio operators to save lives, said Bob Gordon, head of the Emergency

            Communications Committee". It is estimated that $4,000 would be needed to

            purchase the equipment.


W-G Development Corp. committed to a contribution.


November 24, 1983, the SUN carried an article offering a 10 week course in Amateur Radio that teaches theory, regulations, and Morse Code to enable anyone to get a license after taking the FCC exam. Bob Gordon, N4HEJ, was listed as the contact for club membership. Harry Wolf, W6NKT, taught the first course, with two applicants passing the exam for their Novice license.


A group of licensed amateurs got together to see if there would be interest in starting a new Club, to be known as the Kings Point Amateur Radio Club. They were: Peter Kurdeka, N1ASJ; Ray Black, W2PKM; Vance Gallagher, WA2WWP; Bob Sutter, W3SOB; Harry Wolf, W6NKT; Lou MacQuestin, WA8BUX, and Jean Hall, WA8OXL .


Items of Historical note:

==The first equipment purchased on January 9, 1984.

==In February 1984, the club secured a room (closet) in the West Dance room from W-G (WCI)



==1st transmission as W3SOB recorded on March 21, 1984, by Harry Wolf, W6NKT, 15 meters, from 18:01 to 19:50.

==2nd Transmission recorded was March 26, 1984 by Vance Gallagher, WA2WWP, on 15 meters on the SCC net.

==First Meeting was held May 9, 1984.

==March 6, 1985, Vance Gallagher cranked the old (south) beam antenna up to full height: 40 feet.

==February 29, 1988 - Informal club meetings begin

==December 19, 1988- First Organizational meeting of KPARC

==In May 2007, the new beam antenna was installed on the East side of the clubhouse.

==On September 10, 2007, the Club moved to its new facilities from the old ‘closet’ in the dance room.

==In January 2008, the club callsign was changed from W3SOB to W4KPR.

==In October 2013, the D*Star repeater was added using the CERT callsign, W1SCC


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