About Us

The Kings Point Amateur Radio Club was established in 1983 as a hobby organization to provide a local organization for like-minded people to explore activities associated with amateur radio such as electronics, computing, telemetry, digital messaging, satellite communications, and weather science. Because of the nature of the activities, the club evolved, supporting two main areas of community service. 

A group of licensed amateurs got together to see if there would be interest in starting a new Club, to be known as the Kings Point Amateur Radio Club. They were: Peter Kurdeka, N1ASJ; Ray Black, W2PKM; Vance Gallagher, WA2WWP; Bob Sutter, W3SOB; Harry Wolf, W6NKT; Lou MacQuestin, WA8BUX, and Jean Hall, WA8OXLThe ability to deploy and support wireless communications locally and over vast distances could be critically important in the event of a communications out emergency such as those experienced in major weather emergencies. This has become a major focus of what we do and what we prepare for. It essentially uses the same  infrastructure we need as hobbyists, only requiring the infrastructure be maintained and available for emergencies. This can be at odds with the desire to experiment.

KPARC supports and partners with other service organizations in the community and county to provide support services both locally and long distance for emergency communications . We work closely with other radio clubs, the county emergency operations, CERT, ARES, community security patrol, community emergency medical services,  and the National Weather Service. Many of our members serve in other service organizations as volunteers. One organization has provided us with a grant to allow us to install and implement a real time weather station which we operate and maintain for community consumption. Community interest and support is further demonstrated by our Disaster Radio Service, which has over 300 subscribers with FRS two-way radios to allow communications with local amateurs in the event of a communications emergency. The broader community will benefit from a strong club should we be faced with an emergency.

We also tend to operate at the leading edge of science and technology using methods and modes which are either not commercially used by the average consumer or not available commercially. The use of electronics, computing and communications puts us in a position where we can easily support science, engineering and technology education of young (high school age) children. Our hobby not only includes electronics, communications and engineering, it also involves weather science, astronomy, aviation and marine communications, astrophysics and mathematics. With community support we could adapt our experience, skills and knowledge to augment and engage local young folks in these science areas.

Items of Historical note:

  • It is estimated that $4,000 would be needed to purchase the equipment.
  • W-G Development Corp. committed to a contribution.
  • The first equipment purchased on January 9, 1984.
  • In February 1984, the club secured a room (closet) in the West Dance room from W-G (WCI)
  • 1st transmission as W3SOB recorded on March 21, 1984, by Harry Wolf, W6NKT, 15 meters, from 18:01 to 19:50.
  • 2nd Transmission recorded was March 26, 1984, by Vance Gallagher, WA2WWP, on 15 meters on the SCC net.
  • First Meeting was held May 9, 1984.
  • March 6, 1985, Vance Gallagher cranked the old (south) beam antenna up to full height: 40 feet.
  • February 29, 1988 – Informal club meetings begin
  • December 19, 1988- First Organizational meeting of KPARC
  • In May 2007, the new beam antenna was installed on the East side of the clubhouse.
  • On September 10, 2007, the Club moved to its new facilities from the old ‘closet’ in the dance room.
  • In January 2008, the club callsign was changed from W3SOB to W4KPR.
  • In October 2013, the D*Star repeater was added using the CERT callsign, W1SCC

King’s Point Amateur Radio Club 1900 Clubhouse Drive, Sun City Center, FL 33573 Telephone: (813) 944-4913