DRS Net Controller Script

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Last modified: May 31, 2021

—  BEGINNING of Required Text —

Calling all Sun City Center Residents: This is the Sun City Center Disaster Radio Service, weekly Test Net.

My name is: <Name>, my call sign is: <GMRS Call>, I will be using tactical call <TACTICAL CALL>, and I will be net control for this session of our DRS Test Net. This net meets every Wednesday morning at 9:00 am on the shared FRS & GMRS channel 15; this channel has been pre-programmed into your DRS radio at Channel Position 10 (1).  This is a CLOSED Net in service of the Sun City Center Disaster Radio Service Program.  If you would like information on joining the program please visit the web site at drs.kparc.org

The purpose of this net is to run a check on radio communications available in the event of an emergency. This is a controlled net, so please direct calls to net control.

Before we start the net, is there any emergency or priority traffic?

[ PAUSE : Wait a few moments for a reply ]

Had this been an actual emergency the on call net-control listening station will activate the Net and provide additional information. The DRS Program is a volunteer supported,  best effort program, for full details and expectations please visit the Terms & Conditions page on the drs.kparc.org website <BREAK>


I will now call selected listening stations, then any remaining listening stations. Please respond with your GMRS call sign, your tactical call sign and first name.

—  END of Required Text —

— The text below can be adapted by the Controller station —

[ Call the roll ]

I will now ask the listening stations to call the radios they heard last week, beginning with the most distant stations.  (Ask for relays, as needed).

I will now call for general check-ins in groups of 20.  Please give me your radio number and first name.  I will acknowledge each station as they check-in, so please wait for the prior station to be acknowledged before checking in.

[Net control will ask for relays for radios not heard. Relaying stations (aka Listening stations) may say for example “Net control, this is Delta relaying for Radio 71, Hanna.  Station is loud and clear.”]

[When all stations have been called,]

Are there any stations that have not already checked in and been acknowledged?  Please call net control now.

[It may be appropriate to select one or more listening stations to call for stations that have not checked in.]

Any relays?   [I will call for selected listing stations to request check-ins from anyone unable to check-in.]

Are there any rechecks or comments before I proceed to close the net?

[Net control should broadcast any general announcements and request questions or comments.]

I appreciate all those who checked-in to today’s net and hope you will join us again next week. This is <TACTICAL CALL>, closing this session of the Sun City Center DRS Net and returning this frequency back to normal use.

(1) May be a different channel on a user provided radio