DRS Application Complete

Important Next Steps

  • Learn how to use your new radio
  • Join the Wed. Morning Test Net (participation is required min. 4 times per year)
  • Keep an look-out for the welcome email from ec**@kp***.org once your application has been approved

Reminder: Key Terms of Service Items

  • KPARC Operates the DRS Program as a best effort accordance with the State of Florida Good Samaritans Act (768.14) and Florida Volunteer Protection Act – 768.1455 Thus assumes no liability either implicit or implied. DRS MEMBERS AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD KPARC AND ITS MEMBERS AND AFFILIATES HARMLESS FROM ALL LIABILITY, COSTS (INCLUDING REASONABLE ATTORNEYS’ FEES AND COSTS AT THE TRIAL AND AT ALL APPELLATE LEVELS), AND DAMAGES WITH RESPECT TO USE OF THE SERVICE.
  • The radios are affected mostly by “line of sight”. If there is a structure or obstacle between you and the radio you are attempting to communicate with it may be an issue.
  • Test Net Participation: In order to remain in the program, you must participate a minimum of 4 times per year. Failure to do so will result in the removal of your account from the program. In order for your participation to be validated, you must be confirmed and logged by a listening station.

Thank you again for joining the DRS Program