The meeting began promptly at 0830 and ended at 1000. Three main topics were discussed:

  • CERT:
    • Emergency Prep Fair to take place on 2/25 at both King’s Point (KP) and Sun City Center (SCC).
    • Some feel CERT needs more/better:  training, recruitment, meeting location convenience, and our club role defined. We need to define our involvement with CERT and other organizations with respect to emergency communications.
    • Need club members to review the original scope of the EPC relative to CERT/EOC (refresh on the documents on the KPARC website before the next meeting).
    • Should we proceed with Hud/KM4DDD Emergency Power Exercise schedule?  If so, the first milestone is the 1st Saturday in April, with a power-up exercise in June.
    • Next EPC meeting should review the Emergency power exercise plan.
  • FRS:
    • Dick Bishop/W4NWD provided a summary of the results of the experiment with maps and coverage plots.  Did it work?  Yes. There was a lot of discussion on the pros and cons of operation. The community-at-large (KP, SCC, and Valencia) can likely be well-covered by 4 or 5 well-placed GMRS stations.  Bottom line is that Dick has generated a draft summary that should form the basis for defining the KPARC community support policy.  This is still being fine-tuned but will be the main message delivered on 2/25 at the Disaster Preparedness Meeting.
    • Dick/W4NWD recounted the essence of our meeting with Mike Bardell. KPARC is going to be offered the opportunity to make a 5-minute presentation to an estimated audience of 1000 at the DP Meeting on 2/25.
    • One presentation idea floated was to include a 30-second demo of the radios (the person on stage and, perhaps one or two in the audience/elsewhere to simulate a short emergency call).  At least, it’s not all vue graphs.
    • Joe Flack/W0QF and Dick Bishop/W4NWD will be the lead for the 2/25 event.
    • This and other FRS tests should also be seen as opportunities to invite non-licensed participants to be trained for a ham license or, at least, obtain a GMRS license.
  • SARnet:
    • Bill Miller/N1CDO displayed a nice map showing the 35 +/- repeaters that form SARnet.  Of interest to the KPARC EPC, Eric/WA4EMN noted that SARnet would become a controlled net during emergencies and not be available for routine ham radio use.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • KPARC may wish to consider having a Lexan-like panel for covering the exposed club windows for extra durability during high-wind events until KP replaces the windows with Hurricane windows.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug (K4DGG)

By Doug (K4DGG)

Retired from the National Science Foundation in DC in 2006 and moved to Sun City Center. Became a ham a few years later.