Emergency Preparedness Meeting
Mar 27, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 8:35 AM with the following members present: Keith/KI5US, Doug/K4DGG, John/WA9OXB, Bob/N1UVO, Eric/WA4EMN, Paul/KM4VRH, Dick/W4NWD

  1. Eric/WA4EMN expects to complete the profile encouragement “nag” in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Eric/WA4EMN has completed the task of installing a WordPress plugin to record website activity from logged-on members. We need to let it collect data for a while and then we can evaluate it.
  3. Eric/WA4EMN has thought more about a club standard for RTTY compatible message passing modes and frequencies. More discussion needs to take place but he will start working on a draft document to get things moving. Eric suggested repurposing the DSTAR 2m frequency during an emergency for digital message passing.
  4. Dick/W4NWD reported on the status of the antenna and feedline project. Most of the feed lines are complete. Jim/K2PLC is still working on the shack 12v system connection to the SGC tuners. We have learned more feed lines need to be replaced and are still discovering things that had been forgotten. New feedline and connectors have been ordered. Two 12V batteries were found to be defective and need to be replaced. We may also need to buy two injectors for the SGC tuners and a temperature sensor to get the weather station back on-line.
  5. Dick/W4NWD reported on the UHF/VHF radio to support Winlink using the same SGC Modem and the computer used by Winklink HF. Space in the DSTAR cabinet has been prepared for the radios and they will be moved to the room next door soon. The VARA functionality provided by the IC-7000 will soon be transitioned to a Yaesu system the club has after Dick gets the EasyDigi to support that capability.
  6. Dick/W4NWD will work with Joe/W0QF to develop a flowchart or diagram of club message passing capabilities including both hardware and software supported and preferred. Hopefully, this will be ready for review before the next EPC meeting.
  7. Dick/W4NWD reported the DRS net is evolving and slowly becoming more robust and predictable. The north side is gaining strength and we are learning the importance of having a presence at the clubhouse (Alpha). Things rapidly deteriorate when net control can not be easily heard by all.
  8. Keith/KI5US reports the Monday 4 pm message passing nets have been a great success and will continue.
  9. Keith/KI5US suggested we work on a joint emergency exercise with the Sun City Center Club (SCCARC) to practice message passing in a way that it might be done in an actual emergency. He will work with Rick/N1OV to develop a scenario that we can use.
  10. Keith/KI5US suggested we use Field Day, June 26 – June 27, to simulate an emergency situation and use our finely honed message passing skills with others in our community. We hope to have a  plan by our next EPC meeting

The meeting adjourned about 9:50 am. The next EPC meeting will be held on April 24th at 8:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug (K4DGG)

By Doug (K4DGG)

Retired from the National Science Foundation in DC in 2006 and moved to Sun City Center. Became a ham a few years later.