Emergency Preparedness Meeting
Apr 24, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 AM with the following members present: Dennis/KM4WMC, Rick/N1OV, Joe/W0QF, Doug/K4DGG, Keith/KI5US, Don/K2DV, Dick/W4NWD, Bill/N1CDO, John/WA9OXB

  1. Eric/WA4EMN has completed the profile encouragement “nag” – 19 respondents so far.
  2. Eric/WA4EMN has published the Emergency Com Resource Plan (ECRP) on our website at https://kparc.org/index.php/ecrp/ In includes the HC ICS-205
  3. Eric suggested repurposing the DSTAR 2m frequency during an emergency for digital message passing. Keith/KI5US will document although Bill/N1CDO implied this included in the County’s communication plan. After some discussion, it was decided the message net practice will continue using the SCCARC 70cm repeater.
  4. Dick/W4NWD reported the antenna feedline project is progressing slowly and continues to uncover issues that need to be resolved. Work parties will probably be changed to mornings rather than afternoons. We have used the first 500’ of feedline and are working on the second 500’ of which 250’ is committed. An antenna base has been acquired for the 5BTV antenna and Dick will work with Tim to make radials for it.
  5. Dick/W4NWD what is the status of 12V batteries found to be defective and need to be replaced.  2 Deep cycle batteries are needed. We also need to buy two voltage regulators (one to replace Bill’s) and one for the ICOM station. Dick/W4NWD and Bill/N1CDO will work on a proposal.
  6. Dick/W4NWD reported on the status of the SGC tuners. The power injectors didn’t work out as expected so they will need to be returned. We’ll go back to the original way of powering the tuners. One tuner is not working and needs to be fixed.
  7. Dick/W4NWD and Joe/W0QF to present a flowchart or diagram of club message passing capabilities including both hardware and software supported and preferred. Bill/N1CDO will send the information Joe needs to complete this task. Bill talked about systems at Club with included Vara HF, Vara FM, Packet, and Pactor.
  8. Dick/W4NWD – reports a new flyer has been sent out by Joe to be distributed to COA presidents in KP. DRS net is going well. We should consider including SCC EMS and getting SCCARC to participate as a listening station. Joe/W0QF is working on getting the ad put on the KP Wheel, KP Pointer and an article for the News of Sun City Center. Eric/WA4EMN suggested we set expectations for the DRS-FRS radio network.
  9. Joe/W0QF mentioned the grant for the weather station is in and more information will be delivered on Monday.
  10. Keith/KI5US & Rick/N1OV status of joint emergency exercise with the Sun City Center Club (SCCARC) to practice message passing in a way that it might be done in an actual emergency.  Rick feels digital message passing is needed at the Hospital and possibly the Shelter. Rick doesn’t have enough volunteers to man hospital or anything else in an emergency. Bill/N1CDO invited folks to come to the PSOC for a visit on any Wednesday afternoon. He also said the county exercise is planned for 5/03-5/06 but isn’t familiar with the details yet. He will let us know. Bill said the county will find staffing for the shelter on Cypress Creek so that’s not a problem the club needs to be worried about. Bill/N1CDO is sending a message to all registered hams asking for support in the case of an emergency. Bill/N1CDO will send Eric communications on steps for notification and activation. Rick/N1OV said the SCCARC has go kits set up and ready for all supported sites but they don’t have digital capabilities at this time. Bill/N1CDO will work on a one-page diagram that shows communications hierarchy which sets expectations and responsibilities. Bill says we need to create tactical call signs for each function. Rick says this has already been done. Rick/N1OV will produce a list of these.
  11. Keith/KI5US – We do not have a plan for leveraging Field Day, June 26 – June 27, to simulate an emergency situation. It’s probably better to do this as a separate event.
  12. Bill/N1CDO says there will be a mandatory meeting in June for ARES members to get pictures taken. ICS-100, 200, 700 and 800 will be requirements. Eric/WA4EMN says he is adding a certification category that will be added to EP on the website. Rick/N1OV will send a message to the clubs explaining what certifications are needed and how to get them. 
  13. What do we do if we lose the W4KPR repeater? Should we test for this? Should this be documented and distributed? Bill/N1CDO says this is documented in the ICS-205. Bill is bringing a low-power backup repeater in case of an emergency.
  14. What is the status of ICS-205? Bill/N1CDO reports there are some minor typos that need to be corrected but a new ICS-205 will be sent out by the end of May.

The following agenda item did not make it before we ran out of gas. I suspect this item alone would consume an entire meeting. Someone should probably offer to write up a strawman document explaining commitments and relationships between the various organizations involved in emergency response.

  1. What is the current commitments for KPARC in the event of an emergency
    1. HC EOC (PSOC)
    3. SCCARC
    4. Local Organizations
      1. SCC ARC
      2. SCC EMS
      3. Security Squad
      4. SCC CERT
    5. Others?

Several people in the meeting expressed frustration in that it is not clear to a casual observer what the expectations are for hams who what to participate in emergency communications. This includes hardware, software, training, and general skills.

The meeting adjourned about 10:10 am. The next EPC meeting will be held on May 29th at 8:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,


Doug (K4DGG)

By Doug (K4DGG)

Retired from the National Science Foundation in DC in 2006 and moved to Sun City Center. Became a ham a few years later.