Emergency Preparedness Meeting
May 29, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 AM with the following members present: Joe/W0QF, Doug/K4DGG, Dick/W4NWD, John/WA9OXB, Eric/WA4EMN, Rick/N1OV

This meeting was primarily for status review only. Any discussion or debate will be done with committees outside this meeting.

  • Documentation Review:
    • Offline documentation (in the event of an emergency) (Doug/K4DGG) – documentation is still being identified and will be integrated into the website with assistance of Eric/WA4EMN.
    • Duties and responsibilities for DRS listening stations (Doug/K4DGG) – this documentation is basically complete and will be placed on the website. The group felt the path to get communications to the Emergency Squad should be articulated.
    • FRS (Family Radio Service) radios used for the DRS (Disaster Radio Service) (Doug/K4DGG) – the group feels this document is ready to be placed on the website. Eric/WA4EMN will take care of this and feels it should also serve as terms and conditions.
    • KPARC Emergency Responsibilities  (Joe/W0QF) – Joe will continue to work on this with others in the club.
    • SCC/KP ARC Emergency Disaster Plan Standard Operating Guide (Joe/W0QF) – This document is primarily the Sun City Center ammeture radio club and suggestions or corrections should be sent to Bill/W1WAB.
    • KPARC Operations in an Emergency (Dick/W4NWD)  – This documentation is complete but Bill/N1CDO has expressed concern the terminology used is not the same as the county uses. The group unanimously felt we should not worry about what the county is doing or how they are defining terms.
    • HC ICS-205 – 4-Jul-2019  Spreadsheet (Doug/K4DGG) – Most of the information is on our website and some supplemental information on how resources fold into County backup and support in certain types of communications emergencies. Eric/WA4EMN will work on this.
    • Communications Log (ICS Form 309-SCCo ARES/RACES) (Joe/W0QF) – Joe will continue to work on logging requirements for club and listing station operators.
    • Winlink at KPARC (Dick/W4NWD) – Most of this information is on the website and is complete.
    • Station one-page quick guide sheets – status (Joe/W0QF) – Most of the quick guide sheets are done or atleast ready to be integrated into the website. Doug/K4DGG will work on orchestrating this transition.
  • Status Reports
    • Generator and equipment readiness (Dick/W4NWD) – we need to check the generators and make sure we are ready for the hurricane season.
    • Message passing modes and methods (Dick/W4NWD) – things are going well but we need to have a list of people that are capable and willing to operate the Winlink node at the club in the event of an emergency. Dick will continue to work on this. Bill/N1CDO will be providing Winlink training this coming Thursday (6/03) at 10 am.
    • ARES/RACES mandatory meeting 6/16 6:30 pm or 6/19 9 am – no one has made plans to attend but Joe and Doug may go up on Saturday.
    • KPARC Weather Station (Doug/K4DGG) – Eric/WA4EMN is still working on this and tweaking the website. A display is planned for the window of the clubroom to demonstrate the weather station. Eric also is planning to support the APRS system with the same computer supporting the weather station.
    • Antenna maintenance and repeater repair  (Dick/W4NWD) – work continues but problems with SGC tuners and power requirements have slowed progress.
    • Hurrevac (Doug/K4DGG) – no one has been able to take Hurrevac webinars. Dick/W4NWD thinks we could set it up for our local community in fairly short order and call it good.
    • Homeland Security Communications in Emergency – no one was able to attend the on-line seminar.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:37 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Doug (K4DGG)

By Doug (K4DGG)

Retired from the National Science Foundation in DC in 2006 and moved to Sun City Center. Became a ham a few years later.