Emergency Preparedness Committee – Meeting Agenda
June 26, 2021

Meeting, held at Kings Point Meeting Room, started at 8:30 am. In attendance: Doug/K4DGG, Larry/KN4PYW, Joe/W0QF, Dan/N2MEO, Curt/WB3AFB, John/WA9OXB, Eric/WA4EMN, Keith/KI5US

  • The main topic for this meeting was focused on the DRS listening stations – training and development
  • New Control Script has been posted on the website. Please use it. https://kparc.org/index.php/disaster-planning-frs-radio-program/drs-net-listener-script/
  • Signal Report review
    • Data entry (11 = broke squelch, 59 = perfect copy, otherwise arbitrary) much of the rest is subjective but be consistent.
    • Review your column after the net for data quality check.
    • How it works (anyone with a Gmail account can have edit access – you can screw things up but it’s not necessarily fatal)
    • Signal Report = 0 vs blank, x = within 1 mile, green highlight means the user radio checked in last week (more than one count). Only record zero if you are confident the user radio was heard by another listening station.
    • What to look for (stations having problems, only one listener, review after net)
  • Control stations not participating will be dropped (not necessary to be net control). Hams wanting GMRS licenses do not need to be listing stations but we want every listening station to participate as Net Control at some point.
  • DRS User/Control Map
    • Information is available in layers that can be turned on and off.
    • Personally Identifiable info (what is too much or too little)
    • Restricted Distribution (Administrative) vs Anonymizing
    • 2 -separate maps?
    • The group decided to create a subcommittee to study the issues and make a recommendation to send to the board. The committee members include:  Eric/WA4EMN (chair), Keith/KI5US, Doug/K4DGG
  • There is a danger of using PL tone in an emergency (reprogram with no receive PL tone) GMRS station at Alpha must be on GMRS 15 PL (not GMRS 15 Non-PL). We’ll ask Bill/N1CDO to remove the receive tone on the Motorola radio.
  • GMRS repeater – Larry/KN4PYW offered to investigate the possibility of getting a grant from the Newly New Store. Joe/W0QF (chair), Larry/KN4PYW, Dick/W4NWD, Keith/KI5US, Joe/W0QF, and Eric/WA4EMN will collaborate to develop a grant application.
  • Simplex frequency for emergency use – the group decided the ECRP document should stand as is. DSTAR 2m repeater output frequency will be used for simplex messages passing if the main repeater is out. Eric will add some simplex frequencies which should be programmed into our radios and documented in the ECRP for voice traffic in the event of repeater failure.. https://kparc.org/index.php/ecrp/ We will hold a workshop to program radios and learn how to scan probably in conjunction with Digital Thursday. Doug/K4DGG will follow-up
  • Documentation status – nothing has changed since the last meeting but we need to get the documentation on the Website. Eric/WA4EMN suggested with have the documents bound and available at each workstation.
  • Status reports? – no other agenda items were introduced.

The meeting was adjourned at 10 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug (K4DGG)

By Doug (K4DGG)

Retired from the National Science Foundation in DC in 2006 and moved to Sun City Center. Became a ham a few years later.