This video was shown to at the March 2022 General Members Meeting

AllstarLink provides hams with a means of connecting radios (repeaters or simplex links) over the internet. It is built upon the asterisk open source PBX (runs on Linux). If a router is used, UDP ports (your choice, usually 4569) must be open to pass packets. TX & RX audio and control signals (PTT & COS) are sent. Audio quality is better than EchoLink or IRLP.

Charlie Walker/NA2B has been playing with AllStar, and we hope to have him give a presentation on it next month.


Eric (WA4EMN)

By Eric (WA4EMN)

I've been a licensed amateur radio operator since November 2017 when my wife and I relocated to the Sun City Ctr., Florida area. my interests lie in digital voice as well as VHF, UHF, and HF analog radio.