Today Sunday, November 13th, 2022 I implemented ClearRPT, Alinco DR135, 3.0' Cable - Comboa new ClearNone ClearRPT at the KPARC Club shack.  For now this devices is provideing EchoLink services as Node W4KPR-R and over the next few weeks I will be bringing the HamShack Hotline RF Link and Allstar functionality online.  This implemenation includes a new Alinco 2m transerver and both are installed at the APRS/WX Telemitry rack.  For more infomration on the ClearNode ClearRPT please have a look at Node-Ventures website @

The priority of service introduction is:

  1. EchoLink – Complete
  2. HamShack Hotlink RF Link – Planning
  3. AllstarLink – Planning

We are looking for valenteers to help test and traing interested member on AllstarLink, If you have Allstar Experiance please reachour to Eric/WA4EMN.


Eric (WA4EMN)

By Eric (WA4EMN)

I've been a licensed amateur radio operator since November 2017 when my wife and I relocated to the Sun City Ctr., Florida area. my interests lie in digital voice as well as VHF, UHF, and HF analog radio.