CQ CQ CQ Calling all Amateurs…You are invited!

First, I’d like to congratulate the Franklin Amateur Radio Club on it’s 50th anniversary! And, in keeping with the reason to celebrate, we’d like to propose a just-for-fun, multi-club, informal link-up on Saturday, Nov 19th, which should compliment the KF4RC Special Event. The idea is to make as many contacts between respective club members as possible on that day.

Why these 4 clubs? Well, because my Dad (WB3HNA), brother Sam (W4SGL) and I belong to these clubs. And because it’d be nice knowing we can link these three regions in the event of a comms-down situation. We had a Zoom session between the York and Sun City Center clubs a while back and had the opportunity to meet each other. This would take that to the next logical step and communicate on-the-air.

Suggested operational guidelines:

Bands: HF, VHF, UHF

Modes: CW, SSB, BPSK31, FT8, JS8Call, SSTV, Winlink, DMR, D-Star, Echolink, Allstar.

Suggested Exchange: Club Call Sign / Your Call Sign Signal (ex: W4KPR/KI5US 599)

My brother, Sam (W4SGL) in Franklin, and I will be operating HF digital modes during the day and I will be monitoring our DMR TG and D-Star repeaters. I plan to operate from about 10am to 2pm.

The use of PSK Reporter and other spotting tools is encouraged.


Kings Point Amateur Radio Club, W4KPR web site: https://kparc.org

Kilo Franklin Four Radio Club, KF4RC Special event: https://www.qrz.com/db/KF4RC

Here is the York, PA, Keystone ARC web site: https://www.w3hzu.com/

Sun City Center Amateur Radio Clude , FL, KE4ZIP web site: http://www.sccarc.info/about.html


At Kings Point, we have two D-Star repeaters (B & C) on the W1SCC gateway. The “B” module will be linked to REF037A all day on the 19th. We also host a D-Star net every Wednesday evening at 8PM EST, linked to REF037A.

We have a Sun City Center Brandmeister talk group SCCHome TG 311658 and a local repeater that is normally linked to that TG. The WD1SCC repeater Last Heard page is at: https://wd1scc.us/?page_id=277

Echolink is on the W4KPR 2M repeater (Node ID W4KPR-R).

My personal AllStar node is 567350.


Hope to enter your call in my logbook!



Eric (WA4EMN)

By Eric (WA4EMN)

I've been a licensed amateur radio operator since November 2017 when my wife and I relocated to the Sun City Ctr., Florida area. my interests lie in digital voice as well as VHF, UHF, and HF analog radio.