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Antenna Farm

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Antenna Inventory

KPARC Antenna Inventory & Patch Panel
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Date of last update
19 Apr'21
Cable IDTypeMaker/ModelRadio serviceAntennaCable end pt.coax typeband coverageconditionPP #Comments
MMag mount mobile dual bandIC-V8000Top of Aprs CabinetEcholink station8X 2m, 70cmgoodxcoax to radio is not 8x (wrong feedline & antenna) Hustler D130?
DX3VerticalDiamond X-300IC-880HFrame NEKenwood8214-8X2m, 70cmgoodxradio has 8x antenna has RG-8 (find splice & verify)
HDVerticalHustler D-130 - 10' mastIC 880, D-starFrame NWKenwoodRG-82m, 70cmgoodxverify which radio this goes to
RRVerticalCopper J PoleIC–V8000Frame WCAPRS8X2mgoodxverify which radio this goes to, new coax on ringo ranger
KVerticalDiamond Discone D130Pro – 160 ScannerFrame ECRS Scanner8X25-1300mhzgood
Mag mountCBRealistic CBNW Mansard5811mfair
Mag mountCBNE Mansard58
Gam MarineMobile marrineNE mansard58
CLong wire (SGC-237)HF stationHF StationE to W roofPatch Panel-48X80-10 Auto Tunergood
I6 element beamThunderbirdHF Station60' towerPatch Panel-3RG-21415, 20, 10fair1
YVerticalDiamond X-300Marine & 70cm60' towerRt of Kenwood HF1/2" HLine2m, 70cmgood
Mobile mag mountDual bandIC-V8000Club room E cabinetEcholinkRG-582m, 70cmgood
ADipoleMystery AntennaHF StationNE-SW from towerPatch Panel-5RG-21380m-10mgood2
DVerticalHustler 6BTV - radialsKenwood Antenna 2Roof center on tripodKenwoodRG-21380m-10mgood
BVerticalHustler 5BTV - radialsHF StationTripodPatch Panel-18X80m-10mgood3
ERandom wire - INVISHome Brew E to W long wireHF < 400 mi SGC-500Patch Panel-980 -10 with tunergood
FCoiled at KenwoodCoiled on roofKenwood8X
DBVerticalDiamond X-300D-Star repeaterTop of SS MastRepeater cabinet1/2" HLine2m, 70cmgood
GVerticalDiamond X-50Audio Streaming ServerX-Bar of SS MastPatch Panel-78X2m, 70cmgood
JVerticalDiamond X-50Stand-by antennaX-Bar of SS MastPatch Panel-68X2m, 70cmgood
HDiamond X-50 verticalDiamond X-200IC-7000 or otherT on S/S mast Window table8X2m, 70cmduplicateneeds to be reassigned
NUHF/VHF Diamond X-200Winlink on Yaesu vhfRohn tower SE FrameKenwood HF stationRG-2132m, 70cmNew Jan 2021
OVertical Tri band uhf/vhfComet GP-15IC-2820SW on FrameFlexRG-2136m, 2m, 70cmNew coaxJan 20214
XCable - Patch panel to work bench Rt side PL259 No.98X6
ZCable from Printer location to Patch panel PL 259 No 8RG-213New coaxJan 20218
PPatch panel PL 259 No,1 to Kenwood antenna. 1.HFKenwoodRG-213
NADiamonx X 200 . Jumper Kenwood station to D Star repeater cabinet.Wnlink on Yaesu VHFRepeater cbinetRG-2132m, 70cmNew Coax Mar 5-21
DCDual Band VerticalAR270 CushcraftIC-2820Tripod SE Roof2820 near work benchRG8X2m-70cmfair
DAVertical band HFHustler 6BTV - radialsKenwood Antenna 2Roof center on tripodD-Star repeater cabinetRG-21380m-10mNew Coax Mar 5-212
L iCOM 7300RG-213NEW NOV. 5 211
To Do
1) Identify antenna on IC-2820 next to Flex station
2) remove extra antennas on roof that are no longer in service (CB and Marine)
3) find and label cable to Ringo Ranger
4) Label cable ID "Mobile mag mount" to echolink radio
5) check SWR on cable connected to Patch Panel-8

Connection Guide


Patch Panel

Location Label Antenna
1 B Hustler 5BTV
2   Cable experts 213
3   Beam
4 C Long Wire SGC
5 A Mistery
6   X50 – Mast
8   VHF
9 E SGC-500
10   Dummy load

Radio Key

Label Radios
P Kenwood 570 #1
Q Kenwood 570 #2
R IC-746 Pro #1
S IC-746 Pro #2
T IC-746 Pro VHF
U FLEX-3000
V IC-7000 HF
X Wookbench

Antenna Patch Panel

Icom Antennas – Configuration