There is a new tool available to all KPARC Members who own and use a Hotspot. But before I go into the tool let me provide the “Why”.

Several weeks ago a few members got together to do a workshop on the subject of hotspots usage. During this workshop 2 of the hotspots were configured on the same frequency as well as being set to public; when these hotspots were linked to the same D*Star reflector a loop was created thus disturbing the normal usage of the reflector. The result was that the reflector owner reached out to the users to voice his dis-pleasure with the situation.

This scenario sparked a conversation regarding “Hotspot Coordination”. To that end I have built and deployed a new tool on the website for those of us how use hotspots. To access the Hotspot Coordination tool simply login to the website and select “Hotspot Coordination” from the “Members” menu. Each member can add up to 2 hotspots. Once you select a frequency pair and complete the remaining details your hotspot will be registered. The system assigns frequencies in pairs as some hotspots can run in duplex.

Once your hotspots(s) are registered you will need to change the frequency settings in your hotspot as well as update your code-plugs.

So please let me be clear – It is not my place to enforce, restrict or make any rules on this subject. I am only providing a tool to the KPARC community to help with best practice communications.


Eric (WA4EMN)

By Eric (WA4EMN)

I've been a licensed amateur radio operator since November 2017 when my wife and I relocated to the Sun City Ctr., Florida area. my interests lie in digital voice as well as VHF, UHF, and HF analog radio.