Kings Point Amateur Radio Club Implements RMS/Winlink Stack, Expanding Communication Options Across Multiple Bands

Kings Point, Sun City Center, FL, 9 May 2024 — The Kings Point Amateur Radio Club proudly announces the integration of an RMS/Winlink stack into its communication arsenal, fortifying its ability to facilitate reliable communication across diverse frequency bands. This strategic enhancement enables seamless connectivity across several HF bands, in addition to offering VHF and UHF options.

The introduction of the RMS/Winlink stack underscores the club’s commitment to advancing emergency communication capabilities within the community. By harnessing the power of this sophisticated technology, the Kings Point Amateur Radio Club reinforces its role as a pivotal resource during times of crisis and emergency response efforts.

Through the utilization of the RMS/Winlink stack, club members gain access to a robust platform capable of transmitting critical messages swiftly and securely. This expanded functionality ensures effective communication not only during routine operations but also in scenarios where conventional means may be compromised.

“We are thrilled to unveil the integration of the RMS/Winlink stack into our infrastructure,” remarked Joe Flack, President of the Kings Point Amateur Radio Club. “This significant upgrade enables us to extend our reach and provide enhanced communication services to our members and the wider community, particularly in times of need.”

The RMS/Winlink stack’s versatility enables operators to leverage a spectrum of frequency bands, including HF, VHF, and UHF, allowing for flexible communication options tailored to specific requirements. This comprehensive solution empowers the Kings Point Amateur Radio Club to maintain connectivity across various geographic regions and operational conditions.

As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence, the Kings Point Amateur Radio Club continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and training initiatives, ensuring its members remain at the forefront of emergency communication preparedness.

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About Kings Point Amateur Radio Club: The Kings Point Amateur Radio Club is a dynamic community organization dedicated to fostering amateur radio excellence and emergency communication readiness. With a passionate membership and a commitment to innovation, the club serves as a vital resource for the Kings Point community and beyond.

Eric (WA4EMN)

By Eric (WA4EMN)

I've been a licensed amateur radio operator since November 2017 when my wife and I relocated to the Sun City Ctr., Florida area. my interests lie in digital voice as well as VHF, UHF, and HF analog radio.