A special meeting of the Emergency Preparedness Committee was called to discuss what we should do and what we can do in the event of a weather emergency during this coming summer season. Present: John/WA9OXB, Doug/K4DGG, Keith/KI5US, Joe/W0QF, Dick/W4NWD

We tentatively agreed that 48 hours prior to an anticipated weather emergency (named storm) we would conduct a morning DRS net at 9 am. This net would be primarily to make announcements, answer questions, and make preparations for a potentially significant event. We would hold this net every morning at 9 am until 48 hours after an emergency has passed. No roll call would be taken but a check-in would be encouraged and logged.

We will also schedule operations at the club room before, during, and after the event to provide communications with outside agencies. We will also provide an open Zoom meeting available to the community every morning at 10 am as long as resources were available to provide anticipated landfall for our area. We can share the Hurravac maps and provide supporting discussions.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug (K4DGG)

By Doug (K4DGG)

Retired from the National Science Foundation in DC in 2006 and moved to Sun City Center. Became a ham a few years later.