Listening Station Support Page

Welcome to the Listening Station Support Page (LSSP), here you will find link to critical tools and documents you will need as you participate in the Disaster Radio Program (DRS) as. Listening Station (DRS-LS).

Critical Files and Directories

Name/Link Files in this Directory
DRS-LS Operations Directory DRS Signal Report
Disaster Radio Service Map
DRM Emergency Call Log
DRS Net Control Assignments

How to use the Signal Report

This Google Sheet has several tabs at the bottom of your screen.  

Net Date:  Enter the readability/strength of the user signal only in your own column.

Reminder:  A template for the email that net control sends to users weekly.  Also frequencies/channels.

Blank:  Form to create a new signal report.

Readability/Strength: Chart of possible signal strengths

Prior dates:  Prior signal reports

Colorize your column:  Highlight your column by clicking on the column letter above your tactical call sign.  Click on the dripping paint can.  Click on a color.  This helps you find your column quickly. At the bottom of the sheet, colorize your name and/or tactical call sign if you will participate in the net.

When to enter zero:  If others heard the user, but you heard nothing. If you heard only static, enter 1,1

When to enter “?”:  If you would like that user to call again so you can try to hear him

How to use the chat box:  Click on the upper right screen rectangle with 3 lines in it to open chat history.  Click on the square with a + inside to add a comment.