Emergency Preparedness Meeting
Nov 28, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 AM with the following members present: K4DGG/Doug, WA9OXB/John, W4NWD/Dick, W0QF/Joe, N2MEO/Dan, KM4VRH/Paul, WA4EMN/Eric

  • Dick/W4NWD says work continues to get clubroom resources on 12v power
    • Bill/N1CDO has a coupler for the ICOM system that will let it use the 12V system. There may be a cost associated with this.
    • Greg/NA2N offered to donate batteries but Bill/N1CDO determined the cost to adapt them to our needs would be probably more then it’s worth.
    • Dick/W4NWD says the room is currently wired for 12V but the as-builts have been lost and need to be redone.
    • Dick/W4NWD says the Kenwood system will require an inverter to run the modems. He is willing to donate one (400 Watts) to the club. It should handle the PCs and monitors.
  • Dick/W4NWD suggested we established a Friday work day for ongoing projects
  • Dick/W4NWD says there is an issue with the W4KPR 2m antenna on the tower. Bill/N1CDO is going to check it out with his service unit and field strength meter
  • Dick/N4NWD will continue to work on EPC checklist and coordinate efforts with Bill/N1CDO to get county levels integrated into our checklist to limit the potential for confusion.
  • Bill/N1CDO is working on a solution for a VHF/UHF store and forward station to support Winlink
  • There was a discussion of the club Internet service and service availability at our Sun Towers system. No action items resulted. (this is outside the scope of the EPC)
  • There was a discussion of the wisdom and effort to become a 501-C(3) charitable organization but no action items resulted. It was generally agreed there is expense and effort involved. (this is outside the scope of the EPC)

The next EPC meeting will be on Saturday, December 26, 2020

Respectfully submitted,

Doug (K4DGG)

By Doug (K4DGG)

Retired from the National Science Foundation in DC in 2006 and moved to Sun City Center. Became a ham a few years later.