Notes from Emergency Preparedness Meeting – November 30, 2019.

Present: Jeff/KX4RP, Joe/W0QF, Keith/KI5US, Bill/N1CDO, Ghazi/KN4JRN, Doug/K4DGG

  • FRS Testing Status – plans and schedule (Keith)
    • Keith described the field experiment is is developing.
    • Keith will be meeting with KP emergency committee to establish a date and neighborhoods to be involved.
    • Testing to take place on 1/11/20 which will involve both residents and amateurs.
    • Joe will attempt to reserve Ripple room for that day
    • Test will involve 15 radios. 10 will be in accent neighborhoods and 5 will be in a distant neighborhood
    • Testing will evaluate coverage, protocols and operations
    • Unknown issues involve liability and commitment requirements
  • Website documentation and database status (Eric)
    • No report
  • Testing committee – status (Hud)
    • No report
  • Next meeting – 12/28/19
Doug (K4DGG)

By Doug (K4DGG)

Retired from the National Science Foundation in DC in 2006 and moved to Sun City Center. Became a ham a few years later.